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So, Your not familiar with what to click on eh? That's no problem and it's understandable. 

Here is a brief explanation of all our sections:

1. Wrestling: This section contains only wrestling materials, such as news, rumors, real names, profiles, WWF pics, Live Coverage, and tons more. (this section will include our "chick pic" as every other section would)

2. WOW/XXX Pics!: This section is all pictures! From Women of Wrestling (Trish, Stacy and on) to Celebs Pics, to Thongs to All Nude Pics! We have tons of free pics, and they will always remain free. (this section is the 'home' for our "chick pic", archives and such will be stored here)

3. Network Info: We will update everything on our network there, it's status, it's downtime info, expanding plans and anything that relates to our servers. (will NOT include our "chick pic")

4. Web Hosting: This is an expanded section dedicated to hosting and other services we offer, such as web design and so on. This section contains a bunch of free hosting and paid hosting plans to suit your needs. (this section does not include our "chick pic") Note: All server/plans are hosted on a DSL Dedicated Line.

5. Video Games: This is an expanded section dedicated to only video games! It will have codes, strategy guides, previews, reviews, and screen shots! (this section will feature our "chick pic")

6. FORUM: This is our fan forum, we are asking you to please(!) post at our boards! Our network/site would be nothing without you, the fans, so just go over at our boards and voice your opinion. It really matters, or just go and start a discussion on various topics.

Some Other Stuff: 

The "chick pic" we referred to so much has been made famous by all the fans who viewed it every day, and those webmasters who had it on there web site. I said "had" because the coding for the picture has been changed, and we are hoping this is the last time changes to the code will ever be brought about.

All our pages, not including the forum and gallery pages, will have one set of ads for target advertising and promoting other web sites. If you are interested in having your ad placed on the right section of our page, please contact The Webmaster

This page was developed for those who had any trouble entering our network or finding an appropriate section for there needs/desires.