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Privacy Policy

(Our Old Privacy Policy has been modified into this notice on April 28, 2002)

Purpose of Notice: We created this privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to everyone's privacy policy on the net. 

Content: The W.I Network contains materials not suitable for all audience, some materials geared only for individuals over the age of 18. In any event, we will always make sure you are safe and secure while browsing through our network. If ever you feel that you need to block certain parts of our network, please visit 'google.com' and search for 'Internet Filters'. Or on AOL use the 'Parental controls' to block certain materials. We will not be held responsible if your child is found browsing through our 'adult only' sections.

Security: Our network is protected by various security software's. Such as 'Zone Alarm' and 'Norton Anti Virus'. We also have other unlisted security measures. When browsing through our network our content is always safe and legal. If ever you access our FTP server your IP address and your activities will be logged.

Web Traffic Logs: We use the standard Apache web server log for statistical measures. Therefore your IP address, Web Browser, etc will be logged. This information is never sold or given to any third party web site's or organization.

Hosted Web Sites: All our hosted site's is encouraged to follow this policy. We demand that they make their web site safe for all users. If ever our hosted site's do not follow our guidelines, please report whatever site it is to The Webmaster, and further action will be taken.

Advertisers/External Links: We are not responsible for whatever contents our external links may provide. However, we make sure it is legal and safe to browse through any web site. We usually promote other web site's that pay for advertising, such as tu-pac.com, we are not responsible for the content provided on their site.

We reserve the right to change/modify this notice at any given time.