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The W.I Newsletter

Hello there, thank you for your interest in the W.I Newsletter. At the present time we have 1207 Newsletter members and counting! (this was written on 5/20/02). We have an average of 20 people, sometimes more, joining our list daily! 

We send our a daily newsletter and a weekly newsletter.

Our daily newsletter will give out a picture, could be nude or could be just a model, to keep this going newsletter members would have to simply click a link for us. That's all there is to it! You click the link daily and you get more than one pic in the list. Let's say if about 1200 people click the link daily we will give you about 40 pics daily! More than any other list you'll ever find! If about 400 or less click it that's only 1 pic daily. If less than 100 people click it, there will be no more daily picture!

Our weekly newsletter will either be delivered on Saturday or Sunday. This will be the same as our old style newsletter, excluding the 'special gallery'. We will have wrestling news, video game news, site news, wow pics news, network updates and upgrades....

Join now by simply entering your e-mail address in the form below and hit 'submit'.

After you subscribe to our newsletter we will send you a welcome message...if ever you do not receive our welcome message, please send an e-mail to the server admin and we'll get back to you!