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Copyright Notice

(Our Old Copyright Notice has been modified into this notice on April 28, 2002)

Copyright Notice: The textual, photographical, video, and audio are copyright World Wrestling Federation. Wrestling Info is only a entertainment/fan based web site. It is used to promote the World Wrestling Federation and its product, and other unlisted companies. All original images, not including WWF logos, trademarks or any direct image from the World Wrestling Federation, are copyright Snake Inc. Our original images may and should not ever be used in any other site without written consent from the Webmaster of this site. Anyone who displays, reproduces, copies, creates derivative works, without our permission violates the copyright laws and is liable for copyright infringement.

Trademarks: The names "Wrestling Info", and "The W.I Network" should never be used unless further authorized by the owner. The name "Snake Inc" does not belong to us, we are using it as an Alias to our network. It may be owned by Rishi Padooman in the near future. The Wrestling Info Logo (the text that says 'w.i' on our top banner and main images) should never be reproduced and used by anyone. It is similar to that of the World Wrestling Federation's logo for a specific reason.

News Policy: If ever you post at W.I Net, you are always supposed to credit your source. As a reporter it is your sole responsibility to make sure that your source gets proper credit. If ever a reporter fails to follow this simple rule, the owner of the W.I Network will take no responsibility regarding this matter. The reporter must be contacted directly for removal instructions. 

Pictures Policy: Our picture database contains around 10,000 pictures or more. None of these pictures are owned or copyright under Snake Inc. The pictures were obtained publicly over the internet, from legal web sites. All models are over the legal age of 18. If ever you find a picture that you own, please contact us and we will remove it, or give you the amount of credit you desire.

Video Games Policy: All codes, previews, reviews, screen shots, strategy guides (etc) are usually never owned or written by Rishi Padooman. They are submitted by various site users or obtained from external sites. Reviews and Previews are usually from Gamepro, Codes are usually researched on google.com and are from various sources (cheatplanet.com and such). Strategy Guide copyright information are usually written on the guide it self. Screen shots are obtained from GamePro and Gamespot. If ever a user submits a guide, review, screens, or what not, they are responsible for the materials submitted. 

Removal Policy: If anything that Wrestling Info has copyrighted is found on your page, Under Copyright Laws, you have 24 to remove it, upon request. If you do not remove it, Under Copyright Laws, we have the right to take Legal action.


Other Information: 

The W.I logo: Yes, it is similar to that of the WWF, but it is for a reason. We have it similar because we are showing our unconditional support for the World Wrestling Federation and it's success. This site was originally geared to support the World Wrestling Federation and now we have expanded. However, we still did not forget what our goal was, even though it was achieved, we still would like to show our support. On our top banner, the wrestler 'Stone Cold Steve Austin' is present behind our logo because he was the heart and inspiration to the growth of our site. 

Basic Site Information:

WRESTLING INFO WAS CREATED ON JULY 23, 2000. Wrestling Info turned into "The W.I Network" on APRIL 4, 2001. We turned into a network for expanding from basically wrestling to various other categories.

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