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Here are some listed staff members:

Webmaster/Owner/President/Server Admin: Rishi Padooman
Task: To maintain The W.I Network, keep the server up, update all pages on site etc
Power: 100%
Other Notes: Heh, I'm the 'Big Dog' around this yard :) Which simply means I run everything. I make sure everything is up, update various pages, and keep this site on the net all the time(if possible)
Contact: To contact me, please send an e-mail to Snake@wi3k.com

Graphic Designers:
We have an elite team of graphic designers to provide the W.I Network with the best graphics.

Edward Polanco: Been here from the beginning, always makes graphics for us. He is currently responsible for most of the graphics you would find on this site. At the age of 16(currently), his graphics are top quality and can compare to that of any 'professional'. He is also a personal friend.
To see some more of his work, visit http://e-jlo.com, or if you want to contact him directly send him a mail by clicking here.

Expedito Pichardo: The 'new guy' :) He's been around for a while, but is now starting out as a graphic designer. For a beginner his work is past excellent. He is currently responsible for the ENTER GRAPHIC, on the main page, THE W.I LOGO, can be found on our top banner and main images. He also did the first draft of the top banner and implement his design ideas brilliantly into the banner. To see more of his work, visit his web site at this URL (tek online).

Peter Willis: Also known as 'The Game', or 'Hitman', has been around here almost as long as Edward has. He was responsible for Version 6 of our layout, and various other images around the site. He helps around with various HTML corrections, and just gives advice on certain things. To view more of his work visit Pes2.com. To Drop him a line or what not send all mails to this address

Eric : Been around here for a little while, did the forum graphics (the buttons), and other basic stuff around our site. Please visit Kanedirect to see more of his works.

We only have one and we only need one. He's been here from the beginning and still is supporting us unconditionally.  He now owns a portion of our Wrestling Section and fully reports for it. His name is entitled "The Newsreporter". To drop him a line send any mails to newsreporter@wi3k.com

Play By Play Reporter/Various:

Rolando Montalvo: He's been around from the beginning and is still supporting us! He is responsible for the profiles section, some of the news submitted to this site, the live coverage section, and he gets screen shot's for us. Helps around with a lot of stuff, THANKS A LOT DUDE! To contact him please send any e-mails to rolando@wi3k.com

Various Credits:

I would like to thank all our staff members for making The W.I Network a success. Thank you all!

Would you like to work for us? If so then please click here and fill out a simple job application.