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Tek for the first try of the top and enter banner. (to view the first try of the top banner click here, to view the first try for the enter banner click here.)
Edward: for the final draft of the top banner and the enter banner. They can be viewed on the homepage of our site, and on all pages (the top graphic).

Top Banner History: (how the banner came about, and what it means)
Aight, grab a 'cold one', your in for a long one :)

The idea for this top banner first came about by me. (Rishi Padooman). The graphic was first given to Tek, as he likes be called :), to complete. When I gave him the instructions I was specific about some stuff and I let him use his creativity to do the rest. He was able to come up with a great graphic, and it was indeed the first step to getting somewhere. He also invented the W.I Logo in the process of making the top banner. It turns out after he did the top banner Edward was bored or something and he wanted to do it over. It took him about 5 hours to complete the whole make over. When he received the instructions, he was told to do certain stuff (must follow directions) and then again use his creativity to do the rest. The final result of the banner came out really beautiful and just looked hot. The first try of the banner looked nice, but you know when someone makes that same graphic over with everything on it plus adds more it would look better. So this is in no offense to Tek. I'm sure if he would have done it over it would look hotter, because he would use everything that's there and add more...get it?

Anyways, let's go on to what everything means and all. The W.I Logo, as said before, it stands for our unconditional support for the WWF, yes that's why it is very similar to the company's logo. It is not a 'bite' off their logo, we just want to show our support, and NO it's not two 'W", it's just one 'w" with another layer of it...to basically emphasize on the 'w'.  Stone Cold is behind the logo because, he is the reason this site came about. The girl to the utmost right of the banner (I WILL NOT MENTION HER NAME!!), she's basically my favorite model. I just think she looks and is very sweet. So she must, MUST be on the banner! The girl next to her, eh she means shit! :) She's basically there just to support the "WOW/XXX" section, because if you look really close she is nude :) The Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy text are there because I believe they are the hottest games ever made (including metal gear).  Final Fantasy is all I really cared for, but GTA is fine too. Stone Cold and that girl on the right are on opposite ends because Steve is carrying half of the site, and that girl is carrying the other half. The arrow is pointing to the girl on the right because I like her! and I wanted her to be the central attraction of the pic :), and no doubt she is, well in my point of view.

That's basically all there is to the top banner...

Enter Banner History:
Heh, still got that beer? :)
All right, let's get down to business.. 
The banner idea again was originally given by my self to Tek, he had the freedom of adding his own stuff to the banner. After the banner was completed, Edward re-did the banner, with all the stuff on it and added more which again made it look nice. BUT! It was not completed...I didn't like the look of the second draft too much, there was too much white on it and it did not match with the rest of the site. So Tek made the following changes for me: He got rid of a lot of the white on the banner, added Triple H (his favorite wrestler) on the forum section, added that girl :) (my favorite model) on the wow/xxx section. The two picture addition are barely visible to anyone, but if your looking for it, you'll see it. After he made those changes, it looked a lot better and it was ready to be 'published'.

The meaning of this one is very similar to that of the banner above, because the contents from each banner reflect each other, so read the top banner meaning and you'll get this...

That's basically it! I would really like to thank Tek for his amazing creativity and design ideas, please support him by going to his web site. I would also like to thank Edward for his creativity and beautufil art work! Please visit his site by clicking here!.